Zero Point Real Graduated Compression

Not everything called compression means REAL COMPRESSION

Compression socks add pressure to leg tissues so that venous blood and lymph circulation is being enhanced.

Genuine compression sock is a specially woven product, in which there is a defined compression tension. Gradually upwards reducing special weaving enhances the normal blood flow and lymphatic activity of the leg.

Zero Point has been thoroughly tested and proven in practice. The majority of our findings as well as the superior user satisfaction make Zero Point's compression unique.

This is Zero Point's Real Graduated Compression.


Compression technology

  • Zero Point uses in all of its socks graduated and medical compression with largest compression at the ankle and gradually decreasing upwards.
  • Sock elasticity and degree of compression are designed in consideration of its purpose. Whether on the move or at rest, the product is designed to provide maximum efficacy.
  • Cutting-edge materials and carefully considered details provide the socks with unique functionality and usability.

Degrees of compression and usage

The degree of compression is being chosen according to the purpose. If usage times are long, it is advisable to choose a product with lighter compression. Also individual experience with compression affects the feeling. A product should be put into use gradually, for shorter intervals at a time. The product should always feel good and legs should feel light.


Zero Point Compression-O-Meter

PRODUCTS: Intense Compression Socks and Compression Performance Calf Sleeves OX (20-30mmHg)
The products have been scientifically tested for sport use as well as for performance recovery. They are particularly suitable for treatment of sport injuries and their prevention, for example Achilles problems, shin splints or cramps.

PRODUCTS: Ankle Socks OX (20-22mmHg)
The product suits well leisure as well as sport activity.

PRODUCTS: Compression Hybrid Silver Socks (15-20mmHg)
As a rule the product is suitable for long-term use like work, travel, recovery or leisure.